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Finding Time after Weight Loss Surgery

Finding Time after Weight Loss Surgery

Being “busy” has overrun many people’s lives. After weight loss surgery, you need to stop busyness in its tracks – especially when it leaves you with little time for important habits like working out and following the post lap-band eating guidelines.

Developing a healthier lifestyle after weight loss surgery involves reorganizing certain aspects of your life. Your time management skills are a great place to start.

Here are a few tips to manage your time better after weight loss surgery:

  • Plan out your day. Before you go to bed at night, take out a sheet of paper and jot down your to-do list for the next day. Decide what time you are going to wake up and in what order you will approach what is on your plate. An added benefit of this practice is that it can clear your mind, helping you experience better sleep.
  • Make priorities. As you lose weight, your health should be your top priority. This means scheduling workouts and planning meals ahead of time, and sticking to those plans as if they were work obligations. Don’t let the priorities of others interfere with what you have to do.
  • Delegate. There are things you have to do, things you like to do and things that others may be able to do instead. Have a look at tasks that are in this third category and see if there is a way to take some of the burden off your own shoulders. Create a chore schedule for your children so they can help with tasks like the laundry.
  • Schedule breaks. You may be surprised by how efficiently you work when you know you have a break coming up. Whether you like to admit to it or not, most people take regular breaks—some of us just take them in the form of daydreaming and checking Facebook for the 20th time in an hour. Tell yourself what time you will get a break and push forward until you reach that time.

We all only have so many hours in the day, but learning how to use those hours more efficiently can be a big help in staying on the right track after weight loss surgery.


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