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Exercising After Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Exercising After Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Exercise is recommended for just about everyone, but there are situations when checking with a doctor before engaging in activity is necessary. People with certain conditions such as heart or kidney disease, diabetes and especially those recovering from surgical weight loss should always consult a physician before taking part in strenuous activities.

Lap-band surgery is a type of surgical weight loss procedure that actually places an adjustable band around the stomach that reduces the capacity the stomach can hold. By reducing the effective size of the stomach, food and calorie intake must be reduced.

Following this type of procedure it is important to start on an exercise program cautiously. The surgeon or post surgical team will be integral in directing any type of exercise program, but any program will begin with light, non taxing exercise such as walking or light aerobics. Getting out and taking walks in the fresh air and sunny Macon skies will not only make the body feel better, but take care of the mind as well.

Low resistance exercises with varying thicknesses of resistance bands are recommended at first and as the surgical site heals other activities can be added in. Although it may be difficult at first, activities that are approved by a physician such as weight training can be added and will make the patient begin to feel better and see dramatic results. Some patients lose as much as 10 – 20 pounds per month following Lap Band surgery.

Surgical weight loss is an option that provides a patient with an opportunity to feel and look the way they want, but post surgical lifestyle includes following the doctors instructions in diet, exercise and mental health. Slowly integrating additional doctor approved activities such as bike riding and sports such as tennis and running add not only to physical health, but mental health and a beneficial post surgical weight loss life.


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