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Exercise Your Mood after Bariatric Surgery

Exercise Your Mood after Bariatric Surgery in Albany or MaconDiet, exercise and attitude—as your bariatric surgeon in Albany or Macon has likely told you, these three things will be crucial to your success after weight loss surgery, but attitude is what many people struggle with most. Though it often gets less attention than the other two factors, attitude can change in an instant, and a sour mood can make you skip workouts and add calories to your diet with emotional eating.

Because a good attitude will go a long way in keeping your progress on track, it will help to learn a few ways to promote a positive outlook after bariatric surgery. Fortunately, there are many forms of exercise that impact your mind just as much as your body and can help you keep a better overall attitude as you lose weight.

Ready to kill two birds with one stone? Burn calories and build a better mood with workouts like:


Whether you’re stressed, depressed or simply having a bad day, this meditative workout can be your ticket to serenity. In one 2010 study, researchers noted that practitioners who were new to yoga expressed an overall better mood after three months of practice, which they believe may be linked to increased activity in the relaxation-promoting parasympathetic nervous system. Yoga has also been associated with increased levels of the amino acid GABA (which reduces anxiety), and the deep breathing of yoga will boost your oxygen levels to help every organ function better (including your brain).

To get started with yoga, your best bet is to take a class. After getting a handle on the basics with a good instructor at a gym or studio you can practice on your own at home or continue attending classes as needed. As with any new workout, you should always ask your bariatric surgeon before trying yoga.


An energized mind is a productive mind, and cycling can help you maintain one. In a study at the University of Georgia participants expressed a boost in overall energy levels after just one 30-minute stationary cycling session. Researchers recorded positive electrical charges in the regions of the brain linked with energy, showing that cycling activates neural passageways that promote mental energy. Even if your legs are worn out after a long bike ride, you may find yourself more energetic and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

If you want to add cycling to your workout routine, you can choose between indoor and outdoor, and each has its own benefits. Hitting the stationary bike can be convenient, especially when the weather is less than perfect, but cycling outdoors can provide the even more invigorating benefits of fresh air and greenery.

Your bariatric surgeon has told you how important exercise is to your weight loss progress, but your routine can also be an asset in boosting your attitude. What workouts have helped you stay happy after bariatric surgery in Albany or Macon? Tell us in the comments below!


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