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Doing Abdominal Crunches after Lap Band Surgery

Getting a Lap Band or undergoing other weight reduction surgeries in Columbus will help you lose weight, but it is still important that you exercise after the operation in order to facilitate weight loss. One important exercise is abdominal crunches, which will help tone your lower abdominal muscles, improve the strength of your core and improve the appearance of your abdomen. However, crunches must be done properly to prevent complications developing as a result of your Lap Band surgery.

The first step in preparing your body to do abdominal crunches is to begin a walking program as soon as you are able. This will help strengthen your abdominal muscles and will prepare your body for more strenuous activities, such as abdominal crunches. As you become more and more active, resistance training focusing on your abdominal muscles will further strengthen that area of your body. Next you will need to talk to your doctor to make sure that your incision has fully healed and that you do not risk causing the band to slip or move while exercising.

Once your doctor has given you the go ahead, you can begin doing abdominal crunches. Crunches should be done on a yoga mat or some other cushioned surface with your knees in the air. Tense your abdominal muscles so that your shoulders and chest are lifted off the floor. When you get to your apex, keep your muscles tensed for a second and then relax your abdominal muscles, gradually lowering your shoulders and chest to the floor. When you are initially beginning to do abdominal crunches, start slow and add more crunches to your regimen as your muscles get stronger. Doing abdominal crunches after Lap Band surgery will tone your abdomen and will help you feel and look better after the surgery.


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