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Disaster-Free Dining

Disaster-Free DiningA guide to eating out as you lose weight in Macon

Though there are many quality restaurants in Macon, none of them are designed to help you lose weight. Dining out is a consistent conundrum among weight loss hopefuls—in addition to being loaded with fat, today’s typical restaurant meal is so oversized that it could feed an army.

Yet eating out is an inevitable part of most of our lives. Social gatherings and business lunch meetings do not stop as you lose weight in Macon. Because of this, it’s important to learn how to handle the pressures and temptations of dining out while staying true to your LAP-BAND diet.

Eating Out Without Filling Out

After LAP-BAND surgery, many people choose to avoid restaurants for a while, but this does not have to be you. If you prepare accordingly, you can enjoy a carefree dining experience in Macon and lose weight at the same time. Here are some tips that may help you on your next lunch or dinner outing:

Check out the menu ahead of time.

In this age of social media and smartphones, most restaurants make their menus available online. This simplifies the process of finding something healthy to eat, as you’ll be able to peruse the restaurant’s meals before even stepping foot in its doors. Once the restaurant has been decided on, take a few minutes to find something that will fit the demands of your LAP-BAND diet online.

Though some restaurants may not have a single suitable entrée, they may have other items that can together make a worthy meal. Check out sides, soups and salads—these might not be a full meal on their own, but should be plenty when combined.

Pay attention to portions.

Restaurant portion sizes may have grown to a colossal size, but no-one is making you eat the whole thing. Many restaurants are willing to serve reduced portions, while you can also order a full meal and take half home for lunch the next day. You may also be able to split an entrée with a friend. These strategies can keep you from overeating, but they may also save you a bit of cash.

Never be afraid to ask questions.

Your server is there to help and will know the healthiest options available at the restaurant. Don’t shy away from asking your server questions—it’s his or her job to ensure that you have a good dining experience. Most servers will be happy to help if you explain your needs or ask for a healthy recommendation.

Eating out can be intimidating as you try to lose weight in Macon, but it doesn’t have to be. What are some of the most weight-loss-friendly restaurants in Macon? Share your favorites in the comments below.


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