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Crossing the Finish Line after Lap Band

With Help of weight loss Surgeon, Train for your First 5KClose your eyes and envision yourself breaking through the red ribbon at the end of a long race. You’re smiling, you’re sweaty, and you’re burning calories. Macon is home to a handful of 5K races every year. If you start training now this dream will be a reality before you know it.

This may sound like a stretch, but a lot of Lap Band patients actually run full marathons after surgery for weight loss! A 5K may sound intimidating, but it is actually a very doable race for beginners. The length of 5 kilometers is 3.1 miles, and most races will let you take up to an hour to complete it. That means that you can walk at a steady pace and still finish the race, though a steady jog will get you across the finish line much quicker if you have a competitive spirit.

Deciding to run a 5K is a great goal. By giving yourself the right amount of time to train and focusing on improving your health in the process, you may become a regular competitor at some of Georgia’s best 5Ks.

Training for a 5K

When you decide to run a 5K, set a realistic time frame in which you see yourself achieving this goal. If you are hoping to walk the race, then you might be able to acquire the pace and endurance needed in just a couple of weeks, but if you are hoping to jog the race and have not gone running in a few years then you should give yourself at least three months to prepare.

Before you make any plans or start training, check in with Dr. Bagnato to make sure you are ready to engage in this much activity. Once you are cleared to participate, find a pair of good sneakers and get going!

Instead of jumping right into a jog, go for a fast-paced walk and break out in spurts of jogging for short periods of time. For example, while walking in your neighborhood you can walk the length of one block and then jog the space of three houses. In time you will be able to jog further more comfortably.

Never increase your pace by more than 10 percent at a time. If you walk a mile in 30 minutes, then aim to complete a mile in 27 minutes by next week, and then decrease that time down to 25 minutes the week after that. For a healthy 5K pace you should gradually work up to a 15 minute / mile pace.

Do you think you are ready to sign up and work towards your first race? Here are a few upcoming 5K races in Macon:

  • July 21st, the Moonlight Miles Bragg Jam: This race starts at Tattnall Square Park and the theme is “light up the night”. There will be fun for racers of all ages and prizes awarded to the most brightly lit runner.
  • September 3rd, the 36th Annual Macon Labor Day Road Race: This annual Macon tradition includes a 5K, 10K and a fun run for the kids. Walkers are welcome to take part in this 5K race too.
  • October 27th, Jay’s Hope Trek or Treat 5K & Fun Run: This Halloween inspired race is held at Bass Pro Shops. Wear your costume and raise money for families with cancer. There will be a fall family festival after the race, too.

For more information about 5K races coming up in Macon, check out Macon Tracks Running Club’s Calendar.

Let us know in a comment below if you are planning on participating in one of these races or another fun race coming into town!



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