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Controlling Time after Bariatric Surgery

Controlling Time after Bariatric Surgery in AlbanyAs hard as you might wish it to, time isn’t going to stop after your bariatric surgery. Atlanta and all of Georgia are going to continue buzzing past as you give your body the time it needs to heal and then gradually adjust to your new lifestyle after weight loss surgery. When you get back into the swing of things your time may feel even more precious than it did before. On top of your pre-existing duties and obligations it will be up to you to incorporate new healthy habits into your regular schedule. This will include things like exercising, getting enough sleep and preparing healthy meals throughout the day.

It is perfectly possible to incorporate your new healthy habits into your daily routine, but it may not always seem this way. Following weight loss surgery you will need to put extra effort into managing your time, especially while you grow accustomed to your new healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your time as you develop new habits after weight loss surgery:

  • Set priorities: This is one of the most important things you can do following weight loss surgery. Make your health goals a priority by asserting what time you will be exercising and when you plan on going to sleep. Schedule your meal times too so that you have time to prepare something healthy.
  • Make time limits: Sometimes it is not how much you have on your list that is overwhelming but how long each item takes. Give yourself firm time limits on tasks and do your best not to let a ten minute task become an hour of wasted time.
  • Make a list: Instead of constantly trying to remember what you have to do, make a list and check items off as you go along. Try making a list for the following day before going to sleep at night. This can clear your head and help you fall asleep faster.
  • Do one task at a time: One of the surest ways to waste time is allowing yourself to constantly be distracted. Do one task from start to finish before moving onto another. This will help you get more done and will give you a more clear conception of how long a task takes.

Between your social life, your career and your obligations to your family you are bound to be stretched for time as you begin focusing more on your health. Consider the above tips as you start losing weight after weight loss surgery. As you start managing your schedule, don’t forget to keep putting your health first.


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