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Combat Common Overeating Triggers

Even after successful laparoscopic surgery and a sense of satisfaction with only a fraction of what a person may have normally eaten for a meal, there are pitfalls to watch out for on the road to health. Some common overeating triggers can sabotage a great diet.

Boredom is possibly the number one trigger for eating when you are not hungry. A great way to avoid boredom eating is to stop being bored. From picking up a good book to going for a walk, there are many ways to fight boredom and stay active.

Another big trigger for overeating is a drop in self-esteem. It may come from out of nowhere or from a casual remark that a person may take the wrong way. In either case, if a person feels bad about themselves they may feel following a diet is not worth the trouble and that they aren’t worth having a better body and a better life. A person stuck in a rut can fight the sadness by writing a list of great things in their life. From a great smile to a hopeful future, there is so much to feel good about that a person never has to stay unhappy for very long.

If the unhappiness does not have a trigger and lasts a long time, professional intervention may be required. If you think you need help in this area, Dr. Bagnato can refer you to a local counselor that has experience with post-laparoscopic weight loss surgery patients and can help you find solutions to feelings of unhappiness.


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