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Cheating the LAP-BAND with High Calorie Liquids

No diet or exercise routine is fool-proof. Likewise, there are ways to hurt the success of your weight loss surgery. In the case of LAP-BANDs, one of the easiest ways to sabotage your own success involves a cup, a straw, and high-calorie goodies.

LAP-BANDs create a small pouch at the top of your stomach. That pouch is supposed to limit the amount of food you can consume at one time. After all, if the food you chew won’t fit in the pouch, where is it supposed to go? But LAP-BANDs do not create an impenetrable barrier between the pouch and the rest of your stomach, so there is still a small opening that liquids can slip through. Liquids like 700-calorie frozen coffee drinks and hand-spun milkshakes.

Remember, just because you are able to drink high-calorie drinks after your LAP-BAND surgery it doesn’t mean you should. You’ve gone so far to have the surgery and you’ve worked hard to be successful in your weight loss, so don’t undermine your success with high-calorie liquids.

Be vigilant in finding out the caloric content of the drinks you consume, and try to make your main liquid intake water. By focusing on providing your body with nutritious foods and water, you will find yourself craving those sweet sips less and less.


4 responses to “Cheating the LAP-BAND with High Calorie Liquids”

  1. ooo it is so hard not to get a milkshake BUT I just remember WHY I did this and it becomes easier!

  2. If you must have a frozen coffee, you can go to Starbucks and get a light blended coffee with sugar free vanilla and 2 splendas. It is very good. Also, you can get a skinny latte with sugar free vanilla, 2 splendas and nofat milk and add whipcream if you want. Just wanted to share with all.

  3. Dr. Bagnato Avatar
    Dr. Bagnato

    Always be careful about any kind of so-called diet drink. You’ll likely consume more volume thinking it’s “diet” and that can sort of trick your body into craving sugar. When it comes to carbs, less is better.
    Dr. B

  4. I make my own Iced coffe. I brew a strong pot and have a jug in the fridge I keep it in. I use 1 cup of skim milk, fill the glass 3/4ths with cold coffee, add sugar free chocolate surup. I add splenda to add a little sweetness and fill the glass with ice. It adds up to about 100 cal. It is great in the morning or between meals if you are hungry. Add a scoop of protirn powder and its a meal. I limit myself to 2 a day. I am glad to say I can not handle milkshakes.

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