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Benefits of Pre-Surgery Weight Loss

Anyone considering weight loss in Albany should know that losing some weight before surgery can result in less complications afterward.

When the medical records of over 800 weight-loss surgery patients were examined, it was discovered that those who lost weight before the procedure had fewer incidents of kidney problems, clots and infections post-surgery. Those who gained weight prior to having surgery had two times the complication rate compared to those who first shed pounds.

All patients in the group had the open Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure. The surgery consists of stapling the stomach and leaving only a small pocket that limits the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. The pocket is then routed to the small intestine, which allows food to completely bypass the other parts of the stomach.

It should be noted that people who undergo the more invasive type of surgery are more prone to post-operative complications, whether they lose weight beforehand or not.

Some weight loss surgeons require that the patients at high risk for complications must lose some weight before the operation. A recent study suggests this practice may help the patient achieve a better outcome. Patients must also understand that while the surgery will help, it is not the complete answer to losing weight and keeping it off. A healthy diet along with a regular regimen of exercise is necessary to maintain health and optimal weight.

Seeking a weight loss doctor in Albany can help answer any questions that you may have concerning weight loss surgery.



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