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Bariatric Surgery May Improve Severity and Frequency of Migraine Attacks

If you are considering weight loss surgery as a means of taking control of your health and your life, recent studies show that the benefits of bariatric procedures such as Lap-Band Surgery may be more than just weight loss. Recent studies show that both the severity and frequency of migraines headaches can be markedly reduced by weight loss surgery.

The first study followed and observed twenty four individuals who prior to weight loss surgery had an average body mass index or BMI of 46.6. Following weight loss surgery the group’s average body mass index was 34.6. The average weight loss for the majority of the group was almost fifty percent of their original body weight.

The group of mostly women in their middle age showed improvements in the frequency of their migraine headaches. The average number of days during a one month period that the group suffered from migraines was just over eleven prior to surgery. Following surgery, the number of days was reduced to just less than seven.

Not only was the frequency of headaches reduced, but the severity of the migraine episodes also showed a great improvement. Half the group originally reported moderate or severe headaches prior to surgery, while only three participants reported the same following surgery. It is also important to note that almost seventy percent of the group was still categorized as obese. Researches are led to believe that several factors in weight loss are contributing to the reduction of migraines and not just the resolution of obesity.

The second study evaluated the use of CPAP, a machine used to assist breathing while sleeping during the treatment of sleep apnea. Use of the machine helped in the reduction of migraine headaches in addition to helping sleep apnea. Between the two studies researchers surmised that the inflammatory process caused by obesity is reduced through weight loss surgery, possibly aiding in the reduction of migraines. In addition, proper oxygen levels during sleep, provided by CPAP or improvements in sleep apnea due to surgical weight loss may also have a hand in improving on frequency and severity of migraines headaches.


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