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Are You Really Happy After Splurging?

Most people who attempt dieting complain that the temptations of desserts, fast food, potato chips and other delicious foods are overwhelmingly difficult to overcome. There are times when a dieter can think of nothing but how much they want an ice cream sundae. A lot of rationalization goes into the purchase of a treat that the dieter knows will only go straight to the hips, with some dieters claiming that an occasional splurge is necessary to avoid going off the diet completely.

What’s amazing is that the occasional splurge is not anywhere near as satisfying as it appears in the dieter’s mind. The food rarely tastes as good as imagined and the experience is often only for an instant. The sweet and chocolaty sundae touches the tongue and then is gone and finished in the matter of a minute, only to be replaced with a slight aftertaste and the guilt that follows.

Recently, a team of researchers checked in on women who were on a diet and asked them what they ate and how they felt about what they ate. The researchers discovered that the women who ate at home and cooked healthy meals were happier than those dieters who splurged.

The good news is that dieters can use this phenomenon to their advantage by paying attention to how they feel before and after indulging in an unhealthy meal. When dieters start to realize that they really do not enjoy junk food as much as they thought, they can start to look for other ways to make themselves happier, such as going for an enjoyable walk. Changing one’s attitude toward food together with weight control surgery in Columbus can help dieters finally overcome undesired weight gain.


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