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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Always Look on the Bright Side of LifeYour weight loss doctor will help you lose weight—be optimistic!

Now that you’ve seen a weight loss doctor in Macon and are starting on the path to a healthier life, the future may be looking pretty bright. In the coming months, you’ll be adapting to all the changes that will propel you to weight loss success with the help of your LAP-BAND to cut your calorie intake. Incorporating fitness into your everyday life will improve your energy levels, reduce stress and help you feel better. With time, weight will begin to drop off and chronic conditions might finally be behind you.

But as all those who seek a weight loss doctor know, losing weight is not always easy. Our determination is challenged, our motivation wanes and temptation threatens to derail our diets and send us spinning back towards weight gain and unhealthy habits. Despite all the good your new lifestyle is doing you, you may find yourself faced with frustration, disappointment and a glass that feels far more than half empty.

Unfortunately, this kind of negative thinking will do your progress no good. Pessimism can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, ensuring that everything you think will go wrong does go wrong. Conversely, positivity can bolster your motivation, giving you the encouragement and can-do attitude you’ll need to reach your goals.

Turning On the Happy Switch

Though some believe that people are inherently pessimists or optimists, it is possible to influence the way you view the world. Don’t give in to the trap of thinking that your feelings are insurmountable—with a few simple strategies you can start seeing the good in situations that seem pretty bad:

  • Be in charge. The LAP-BAND is a useful tool, but that’s all it is—you are responsible for where the LAP-BAND takes you and you will navigate the path to get there. The knowledge that you can control your own future may immediately help you stay more positive, as research has shown that we’re more optimistic when we have a hand in a situation’s outcome. The decision to stick with healthy habits is yours—make the right choice!
  • Talk positive. If you speak like you’ve already lost, your assertions will likely come true. Instead of talking about trying times like they’ve gotten the better of you, turn your defeatist attitude upside down. Your efforts may not have panned out as expected, but you certainly tried your hardest—tell your friends how much work went into reaching your goals instead of chastising yourself for falling short of them.
  • Find a sliver of sunshine. Situations are seldom all bad. Look deeper into your circumstances and try to find that one little thing to be hopeful about—any reason to smile will make it easier to get through a tough time. You may even want to make a list of all the things you’re thankful to have in your life, or jot down a few reasons why today is a good day.

No one is optimistic all the time, but you can make it easier to see the good in the world around you. How do you stay positive as you lose weight with your weight loss doctor in Macon? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below.


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