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Adding People to Your Support System

Adding People to Your Support SystemYour friends, family and bariatric surgeon in Macon can be vital to your support system, but so can a few new key players.

Once you’ve started to incorporate family and friends as a support system you may start to feel more confident that you can tackle the challenges posed by your weight loss journey. This can be a great feeling, but wouldn’t it feel even better to keep building on that support system; to create a weight loss safety net capable of catching you any time you slip, stumble or fall?

To accomplish this feat, you’ll need to broaden your search. Your pursuance of healthy habits after weight loss surgery will give you all sorts of chances to meet new people—and each of those new faces can potentially become an ally in your quest to live healthy and lose weight.

When you’re ready to reinforce your support system and make it capable of weathering any storm, start by…

Drafting a few new team members.

Even months after the operation, your bariatric surgeon and his medical staff can be valuable members of your support system as they offer advice and guidelines on how to continue your progress. But your bariatric surgeon may also recommend that you take part in a weight loss surgery support group, where you’ll share your thoughts and experiences with others who are going through circumstances very similar to your own.

You may find yourself developing relationships with the other members of your support groups, and they may quickly become great workout buddies or dinner guests. They may also be the perfect people to call if you find yourself faced with temptation—a few words from one of these peers can sometimes be enough to keep you on track.

Of course, many people outside the weight loss surgery world can provide support as well. Some may find it useful to hire a personal trainer who can show them the ins and outs of different workouts; others may seek the services of a therapist to deal with the many mental changes wrought by weight loss. In your outings to the gym or grocery store, you may come across other likeminded individuals who can offer advice, assistance or a few friendly words to keep you on track.

Though you will one day reach the ultimate goal of your weight loss journey, the friendships you make along the way can last a lifetime. Stay open, positive and polite—sometimes, it can be hard to predict where a new friend will come from. Remember: your support system can never be too big, and no member’s positive influence is too small to be of value.

How else can we build our support system to stay motivated after weight loss surgery? Share your tips and experiences with us in the comments below.


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