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A Weight Loss Walk on the Wild Side

A Weight Loss Walk on the Wild SideWhat to bring for any hiking workout after Lap Band surgery

After Lap Band surgery, one of the very best exercises you can engage in is walking. Easy on the joints and perfect for slowly building up aerobic stamina, walking is one activity that can be done by just about anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Though building up your strength after weight loss surgery will take time, walking regularly will be a big help. As you slowly start your exercise program, walking be a key element and remain a consistent part of your daily life. However, as you become more able to take part in strenuous physical activity, simply walking around your neighborhood may become too easy or dull, making it necessary for you to find more interesting locales for your weight loss walks if you want to stay motivated.

Fortunately, the countryside around Macon is rich in wilderness and opportunities for outdoor activity. Wildlife preserves and national parks can be found in close vicinity to most cities and offer some of the most relaxing and inviting areas to stretch your legs.

Each trail offers different challenges and sights, but you should make sure you’re always prepared before hitting the trailhead. While many people make the mistake of leaving behind important gear, others make things difficult on themselves by bringing too much, increasing the strain on themselves with a heavy or cumbersome pack. To make your hike as safe and beneficial as possible, here are the essentials for any basic hike:

  • Map and compass. Most parks offer up-to-date maps with detailed depictions of each trail. Grab a map before you head out on the trail and be sure you have a compass to point you home so you don’t get lost. Of course, you should be sure you know how to read both properly or they won’t offer much help.
  • First aid kit. Most trails are safe, but unexpected things can often happen in the wilderness. It’s best to be prepared for any contingency, so you should bring along a fully-stocked first aid kit big enough to accommodate the needs of everyone in your party.
  • Snacks. If you are planning on being outside for an extended amount of time, then bring some of your bariatric surgeon-approved snacks along with you so you can refuel along the way. Though the nature of your surgery and progress will dictate what will be appropriate, foods that combine carbs and protein for energy are often the best to keep you going. For advice on what snacks will be best for your hike, ask your weight loss surgeon.

Before you head out for any length of a hike, talk with your weight loss surgeon about whether or not you’re ready for the strenuous workout of the trail. Once you’re cleared for hiking, put on some comfortable hiking shoes, do some research on which trail will be most appropriate for your physical condition and gather the above items for your pack.

Just remember the wise words of the Boy Scout motto as you get ready for your hike: Be Prepared!


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