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What You Need To Know About Fast Food

What do you need to know about fast food?
In a nutshell: it’s a bad idea.
More specifically, it’s bad for you.
4 Reasons Fast Food Is A Bad Idea
1. Fast food items are especially high in fat and sodium. High fat foods lead to heart disease and high sodium foods can cause high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Both high fat and high sodium foods can lead to obesity, which carries it’s own mile long list of health risks.
2. Super sized calories. Fast food restaurants are notorious for convincing you to upgrade your portion sizes for just a little bit more money. But the average super sized fast food meal contains more calories than most people burn in an entire day.
3. Fast food makes you hungry. Most fast food meals are made up almost entirely of fat, sodium, and carbs, which does little to curb your appetite long term. In fact, you’re probably going to be more hungry sooner than if you’d chosen a healthier meal. Eating shouldn’t make you want to eat more.
4. No good choices on a fast food menu. Sure, there are healthier options than a burger and fries on most fast food menus. But healthier than a heart attack isn’t necessarily healthy. A three-piece chicken strip meal contains 20 grams of fat and 930 milligrams of sodium, falling far beyond the range of healthy.
An occasional trip to a fast food restaurant doesn’t have to derail your weight loss efforts or aggravate your heartburn, but be aware that your healthy options are limited. Whenever possible, make extra time to plan a healthy meal or pack your own food for the road and avoid the drive thru lane all together.


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