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Tai Chi: Movement, Meditation and Heartburn Relief

Try Tai Chi to Relieve Heartburn in GeorgiaIf you suffer from heartburn in Georgia, regular workouts are crucial, but you may feel limited in your exercise options. High-impact activities like running can prompt symptoms in GERD sufferers and the pain of acid reflux symptoms can make any form of movement seem less than inviting.
Because of this, it may become tempting to stick with one conservative workout that you know will not be problematic, but doing so can quickly grow boring. If you become disinterested in and unmotivated by your fitness program, you won’t continue to get the same stress-busting, weight-controlling, digestion-boosting benefits. To maintain a fitness program that helps you control heartburn and promote whole-body health, it’s important to mix up your routine, and to remember that even serious heartburn sufferers have no shortage of exercise options available.
Sometimes, taking a step outside the box to try a new activity can be just what you need to stay interested. If you find yourself in need of a fresh new workout, look beyond your comfort zone for an activity like tai chi.

What is Tai Chi?

Though it began as a martial art, this ancient Chinese practice has little to do with combat—unlike other martial arts, tai chi seldom requires you to tense your muscles or fully extend your joints. During tai chi, you flow through a series of slow, delicate movements, paying close attention to your breathing and the movements of your body. Tai chi has meditative elements sometimes referred to as “moving meditation”.
Many studies have examined the benefits of tai chi, particularly for people who are unable to participate in more strenuous activities. Tai chi may seem too slow to be physically engaging, but studies have shown that it can improve your muscle strength, flexibility and balance. Its meditative aspects can also have a calming effect, helping you control stress and promote a better overall well-being.

Getting Started

Tai chi is the kind of low-impact, weight-bearing workout that just about anyone can benefit from. Still, its complicated names and movements can be difficult to grasp on your own. If you’ve never tried tai chi before, your best bet is to take a class with an attentive instructor who can provide a good introduction to the practice. Dress comfortably in loose clothing and don’t give up too quickly—it may take several weeks of practice to fully understand the activity and experience the benefits it can provide.
As with any activity, you should ask Dr. Bagnato if you have any doubts about your ability to practice Tai Chi. However, the activity is generally very safe and can be an interesting addition to nearly any fitness routine.
Have you tried tai chi to fight heartburn in Georgia? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!


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  1. Used to chi years ago very good can you email me positions for GERD heartburn and stress I am 76 and cannotafford classes currently also the villages do not let outsiders in I would appreciate this at76 I strongly desire to stay healthy. I recommend to chi for everyone sick or healthy

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