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Lifestyle habits could reduce heartburn

Heartburn is a serious problem that affects 20- 40% of the population in the western world. It can interrupt your diet and lifestyle, causing a great pain and even agony. If you are experiencing serious reflux symptoms in Albany or anywhere else, you may want to consider a few ways that lifestyle changes can improve your heart burn and lessen your symptoms.
A recent study evaluated the effectiveness of lifestyle changes for treating heartburn. In the study, 42 heartburn patients were interviewed over a four week period about their symptoms and the affects they have on their lives. They were asked to record symptoms and look at their diets and the way different foods triggered their symptoms. They were also asked to set goals and find the three most problematic behaviors that contributed to their heart burn.
A large number of patients that went through the study believed that they experienced fewer symptoms than before their treatment. These patients were formerly on medication, and had been taken off their medication for the study. Patients believed that the treatment helped them, and found that they were less worried about their illness and understood the ways that they could control the problem.
However, this type of treatment may not be appropriate for everybody. It requires a careful management of diet, monitoring your behavior daily and making careful and considered adjustments based on your perceptions of your body and the way it is affected by the treatment. Many patients that are suffering from heart burn symptoms benefit from heart burn medications while they begin to implement healthy lifestyle habits. These simple changes may help you take less medication or even improve your daily life.


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