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Holiday Recipes Makeover

A large holiday meal loaded with extra fat can mean trouble for acid reflux sufferers. No matter how much we look forward to our favorite holiday treats, high fat and large amounts of food in the stomach are classic causes of heartburn.
You don’t have to give up all of your favorite treats to enjoy the holiday season, but a few recipe swaps can make the holidays less painful.

6 Tips For Holiday Recipes Makeover

1. For creamy gravy, use fat-free half-and-half or low-fat milk instead of real half-and-half.
2. If your pumpkin pie recipe calls for cream or evaporated whole milk and 2 eggs, use evaporated skim and 3 egg whites instead. You’ll cut out about 300 calories and over 30 grams of fat.
3. Try brown-and-serve bread rolls instead of higher-fat crescent rolls and save about 100 grams of fat per dozen rolls.
4. Use light cream cheese in recipes that call for cream cheese. You’ll lose about 16 grams of fat per cup of cream cheese.
5. Substituting fat-free sour cream will save you 35 grams of fat and 320 calories per cup of sour cream.
6. Instead of using mayo, use a blend of mayo and fat-free sour cream. You’ll get rid of over 1,000 calories per cup and keep most of the taste and texture.
The more fat you can cut from your holiday meals, the less likely you’ll spend your holiday evenings suffering from heartburn and other acid reflux symptoms.


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