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Heartburn or Heart Attack?

There is a popular notion that many people suffer from heart attacks without ever getting treatment because they don’t realize they are having a heart attack. Instead they assume they are suffering from heartburn and gas. This notion is supported by statistics that suggest 50% of people suffering from heart attack wait more than two hours before reporting it.  Survival statistics for heart attack sufferers show that during the first hour following a heart attack, often referred to as the “Golden Hour,” treatment is critical to your long-term survival.
While every heart attack is unique, and some are even asymptomatic, it is true that many heart attacks can make the sufferer feel as though he or she has gas and heartburn. The feeling of an elephant sitting on your chest is a feeling felt by both heartburn and heart attack sufferers. The burning sensation you feel in your chest when you have severe heartburn can feel exactly the same as pain you experience during a heart attack.
It is important to understand that even those in the medical community agree that only sophisticated tests completed by a doctor or hospital can actually tell the difference between heartburn and a heart attack. No website or medical book can provide you with a list of symptoms that will help you decide if you are having a heart attack or just experiencing heartburn.
If you have new chest pain and you are unsure of its cause, do not hesitate – call an ambulance.


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