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Cooking Away Acid Reflux in Albany

Cooking Away Acid Reflux in Albany

If you are struggling with acid reflux and GERD in Albany, you know how intertwined heartburn is with your diet. Chances are you have a long list of foods that you know you need to avoid to prevent your acid reflux symptoms from flaring. Lists like these often include things like tomatoes, fried foods and high-acid fruits like citrus.
But this begs the question: what foods are good for reducing acid reflux? It is possible to follow a diet for acid reflux prevention, but it will help if you are comfortable in front of a stove.

Cooking to Fight Heartburn

Cooking can have many benefits for your health. The biggest benefit of cooking your own meals is the control it gives you over every bite you eat. When you prepare a meal you are aware of every single ingredient that enters your mouth. This means that you can cut out problematic ingredients while using items that have helped soothe your pain in the past.
If you have never cooked your own meals before, it isn’t too late to start. By learning a few tricks you can start cooking healthy meals tonight that will help prevent acid reflux in Albany.
Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Read nutrition labels: Preventing heartburn starts at the supermarket. Read every label before you put an item in your cart to make sure it doesn’t contain anything that will aggravate your heartburn.
  • Stick with soothing spices: They may taste great, but some spices will aggravate the already damaged esophageal lining and cause you more pain. Avoid spices like paprika, crushed red pepper and chili powder. Use spices like thyme, cinnamon, basil, parsley and dill to avoid heartburn while still adding flavor to your meals.
  • Use low fat dairy: Since you are doing the cooking you can substitute items freely. Try to avoid using butter and whole milk while cooking and baking—opt for dairy substitutes or skim milk instead.
  • Skip the oil: You probably already know that fried foods are going to hurt you, but sometimes sautéing is just as bad when it comes to acid reflux. Try coating the pan with a light cooking spray and avoiding the use of any oil or butter during the cooking process.

What other cooking tricks have helped you fight acid reflux and heartburn in Albany? Share your thoughts and experiences in a comment below.


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