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Coffee and Indigestion

Many people use coffee as an essential tool for starting and surviving a long day. However, coffee consumers with certain digestive problems might want to avoid the frequent visits to the coffee pot because coffee consumption is linked to indigestion and heartburn in Georgia for some drinkers.
Indigestion can be caused by a number of food-related circumstances, unlike heartburn which is caused by stomach acid moving into the esophagus. This occurs when the sphincter at the entrance of the stomach fails to contain all of the stomach acid. Both indigestion and heartburn have a variety of causes, and the cause cannot always be determined. However, certain foods and beverages are understood to be triggers for heartburn and indigestion, and coffee is one of those burning culprits.
Some studies indicate that coffee can contribute to indigestion and GERD, but coffee alone is not to blame. In fact, there are some health benefits that have been connected to having an occasional cup of coffee. If you are experiencing indigestion or heartburn on a regular basis following your daily cup of coffee, then it may be worth your while to find an alternative pick me up and see if it helps to relieve your pain. Other dietary changes besides coffee elimination might be necessary to decrease symptoms.
If you are experiencing heartburn or indigestion on a regular basis than it you may be experiencing the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. Speak with your physician to find out what other types of dietary or lifestyle changes may help relieve your heartburn symptoms.


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