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Alternative Treatment for GERD

As GERD continues to be diagnosed in more and more adults, researchers are paying closer attention to the connections between GERD and obesity. When gastroesophageal reflux disease is present in patients suffering from morbid obesity, surgeons are now considering bariactric weight loss surgery as an alternative to traditional treatments like proton pump inhibitors.
Why surgery? Diet changes alone are rarely successful in the long term when it comes to losing significant amounts of weight. If obesity is heavily linked to GERD, it’s crucial that patients lose weight and maintain that weight loss. Surgical centers such as Georgia’s Palmyra Surgical perform weight loss surgeries that are used to alleviate the symptoms of GERD by treating obesity.
What kind of weight loss surgery? The revolutionary Roux-en-Y procedure has a high success rate when it comes to controlling the symptoms of GERD and reflux. Gastric band surgeries are not indicated in the treatment of GERD though they are considered highly effective methods of weight loss when treating the morbidly obeses.


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