Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

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Preparing for Bariatric SurgeryAre You Ready for Bariatric Surgery?

Deciding to have bariatric surgery is one thing, preparing yourself physically and emotionally is quite another. In this overview we look at the types of changes you can expect to make as you prepare yourself for bariatric surgery. More»

Getting Ready for Gastric Band Surgery

How can you make changes right now that will positively affect your weight loss surgery? Here are a few tips for preparing yourself physically and emotionally by making small changes to your diet, activity, and relationships. More»

Pre-Surgical Testing for Adjustable Gastric Band

Dr. Bagnato and your insurance company will want to establish a baseline for your health and this may require several medical tests. Here is a list of tests that may be required. More»

Eating Before Bariatric Surgery

Although LAP-BAND and Realize Band will help you control your eating after surgery, taking steps to adjust your diet before surgery will achieve three things. First it will demonstrate your commitment to lifestyle change, second it will help reduce the size of your liver which has been shown to improve the outcome of bariatric surgery, and finally it will make post-surgical diet changes easier for you. More»

Sugar Buster Diet Guidelines

Learn the basics of the Sugar Buster diet. Using these tips will help you achieve the health goals that Dr. Bagnato will set for you so that your weight loss surgery is as successful as it can be. More»

Exercising Before Gastric Band Surgery

Changing your activity level before surgery will help you avoid complications in the immediate post bariatric surgery period. Introducing gentle exercise before surgery will also assist you in the transition to a healthier lifestyle after the procedure. More»

Breathing Exercises for Bariatric Surgery

Learn some simple breathing techniques that will help you avoid lung complications after your bariatric surgery. Learning proper breathing is fast and easy and all it takes is a little practice. Good breathing technique will also help you calm your nerves and reduce stress. More»