Incidental Activity

Incidental ActivityAfter your weight loss surgery, Dr. Bagnato suggests that you begin implementing light physical activity into your daily routine. While most of your weight loss after LAP-BAND surgery will occur due to limited calorie consumption, daily activity can greatly benefit your health. If you’ve been leading a sedentary life for a long time, it may be hard to jump right into any sort of fitness routine. If that’s the case, you may want to start with short and simple exercises, such as walking in the mornings or evenings. Additionally, you can try fitting physical activities into your day through incidental activity.

What is Incidental Activity?

Incidental activity is any type of physical activity or exercise that you perform throughout the day as part of your everyday routine. You don’t have to set aside time for incidental activity; rather, you find ways to implement it into what you’re already doing.

Implementing Incidental Activity into Your Day

Here are some great ways to insert physical activity into your everyday routine:

  • Get up and walk around while you’re talking on your cell phone.
  • When you’re watching TV, try to get up and do something on every commercial break. For instance, go grab the mail or put away some dishes.
  • Practice a “3-Floor Rule:” If your stop is three floors away or less, take the stairs. If it’s more than three floors, take the elevator to one floor below, and take the stairs the rest of the way.
  • If you have a dog, walk an extra block or two every time you take him or her out.
  • Instead of driving around to find the closest parking spot, pick the first spot you see in the back of the lot, and walk a bit further to the store.
  • Cleaning or vacuuming around the house.

You may already be doing many of these incidental activities to improve your mobility and fitness. If so, try upping the intensity of how you do them. For instance, if you clean or vacuum your house weekly, start dancing around as you do so. That can get your heart rate up and provide you with a mini cardio workout. Or try watching TV standing up, and jogging in place during the commercial breaks.

When it comes down to it, any amount of activity is better than no activity. Your LAP-BAND surgery can help you manage the dietary portion of weight loss, but you’re responsible for the exercise and lifestyle portion. Incidental activities are a great way for you to start getting active after weight loss surgery.