Dorothy: 30 years with Burning Acid Reflux

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“I don’t think most people are aware there is a surgery that can fix GERD.”

Dorothy heard about acid reflux surgery after struggling with GERD for 30 years. She had chronic stomach pain, burning near her chest and had trouble swallowing and digesting food. At every meal Dorothy would experience burping and regurgitation that made it embarrassing and difficult to eat.
To manage her reflux symptoms Dorothy relied on medications. She tried over-the-counter and prescription medications and none were fully effective, yet the constant need for them grew expensive. Dorothy estimates she spent more than $50 a month on heartburn medications for years before getting anti-reflux surgery.
Dorothy’s surgery was a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that allowed her to return home just hours after her procedure. Since having surgery Dorothy has finally gained control over her reflux, and has been able to concentrate on other aspects of her health. Dorothy is now able to more easily digest food and exercise without experiencing constant heartburn.