LAP-BAND Adjustments

Most LAP-BAND System Adjustments are Free

After careful research into the issues associated with LAP-BAND refills, Dr. Bagnato has developed an innovative port placement technique which makes LAP-BAND adjustment easier and, in most cases, free.

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By moving the LAP-BAND port from its traditional abdominal placement to a more easily accessible location on the chest just below the collar bone, Dr. Bagnato has reduced complications associated with adjustments.

Port PlacementThe port is extremely small and barely visible once the insertion site has healed. In this new location, the port is more easily accessible and X-ray guidance is unnecessary. This allows us to perform adjustments in the office and substantially reduces the cost of those adjustments.

Ask Us About Our Free Fills Program

Participants in this program have no charges for the first nine adjustments in any calendar year. Since the majority of patients do not require more than five fills in a 12-month period, you may never have to pay for LAP-BAND adjustments. You can find out more by contacting us and scheduling an appointment with Dr. Bagnato.