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Even on the peaks of the highest mountains and the floors of the deepest oceans, few of us are ever alone. Though many of us pride ourselves on our individuality and self-reliance, we humans are inherently social creatures—regardless of our confidence, competence or resolve, we all occasionally need a helping hand. [Read more]

Once you’ve started to incorporate family and friends as a support system you may start to feel more confident that you can tackle the challenges posed by your weight loss journey. This can be a great feeling, but wouldn’t it feel even better to keep building on that support system; to create a weight loss safety net capable of catching you any time you slip, stumble or fall? [Read more]

Embarking on a weight loss regimen is a big step. Making the decision and being determined to follow through on such a life-changing course is the key to ultimate success, and there are many little things that you can do to reinforce and provide affirmation for that big decision. After speaking with your weight loss doctor in Albany about ways to lose weight, start thinking about ways that you can improve your entire environment to start living healthier. [Read more]