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Embarking on a weight loss regimen is a big step. Making the decision and being determined to follow through on such a life-changing course is the key to ultimate success, and there are many little things that you can do to reinforce and provide affirmation for that big decision. After speaking with your weight loss doctor in Albany about ways to lose weight, start thinking about ways that you can improve your entire environment to start living healthier. [Read more]

One of the ways to make sure your weight loss surgery is successful is to learn how to control stress eating. Stress eating is basically eating to satisfy emotional needs rather than hunger, and it often results in eating high-calorie foods instead of healthy ones. After all, few people grab a stick of celery for comfort when they’re feeling anxious.

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Despite the calming aura that surrounds yoga, it’s still challenging, and it can increase flexibility and strength. It is a great activity to include in your weight loss workout regimen; however, it shouldn’t be your only exercise. Most disciplines of Yoga do not increase your heart rate enough to have an aerobic benefit. Aerobic exercise burns […]

Do you find yourself reaching for a box of crackers or ice cream when you are experiencing stress? If so, you are not alone. Many of us eat when we experience unpleasant emotions; it is a coping mechanism that makes us feel better. At the center of this mechanism is our body’s response to stress and […]