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Next to adopting a new diet, the second biggest change you’ll make after Lap Band surgery is engaging in daily exercise. If you were not regularly active prior to Lap Band surgery, it’s important to remain realistic. Starting a new workout routine can be mentally and physically challenging—it’s easier to cope with this big change one step at a time. [Read more]



After Lap Band surgery, it’s up to you to change what and how you eat, as well as the way you think about eating. Transitioning from what may have been an anything-goes attitude towards diet into a strict mindset regarding food after gastric band surgery is challenging. One of the first steps you’ll take along your weight loss journey is mentally accepting new dietary changes. [Read more]

Who could have thought your Facebook account or smart phone could ever become the ultimate weight loss tool (besides your Lap Band, of course)? In addition to the support from your weight loss surgeon in Macon, social media sites and applications can be more than just platforms to post pictures and “like” posts on—they can be used as support tools to help you sustain weight loss results and remain on track with healthy lifestyle goals long-term. [Read more]

If you find yourself feeling anxious or lacking motivation after surgery for weight loss in Macon, try throwing on one of your favorite songs. Pick something soothing, something that reminds you of tranquility or more relaxing times and places. Music has a profound ability to affect us psychologically and can be a hugely useful tool for more than just entertainment. Used correctly, music can be highly therapeutic, providing relief for patients in a variety of medical situations. [Read more]