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Visualizing your workout might sound a bit odd—after all, to get the benefits of a workout you are going to need to move your body, not just your mind. However, before you try a workout for the first time it can help to sit down and mentally picture yourself engaging in the activity. This will help you know what to expect during your workout, helping you concentrate more on working out and less on the unknown of what’s ahead. [Read more]

If you find yourself feeling anxious or lacking motivation after surgery for weight loss in Macon, try throwing on one of your favorite songs. Pick something soothing, something that reminds you of tranquility or more relaxing times and places. Music has a profound ability to affect us psychologically and can be a hugely useful tool for more than just entertainment. Used correctly, music can be highly therapeutic, providing relief for patients in a variety of medical situations. [Read more]

Developing a more active lifestyle after surgery for weight loss often involves trying new things. As you adjust to your healthier life and shrinking waistline after LAP-BAND, you may encounter many new opportunities that will help you find a fitter future. With so many different activities for exercise available, there’s no reason to devote all of your exercise time to one workout. Switching things up can keep you from losing interest and avoid the boredom that can often come from focusing on a single exercise routine. [Read more]

This may sound like a stretch, but a lot of Lap Band patients actually run full marathons after surgery for weight loss! A 5K may sound intimidating, but it is actually a very doable race for beginners. The length of 5 kilometers is 3.1 miles, and most races will let you take up to an hour to complete it. That means that you can walk at a steady pace and still finish the race, though a steady jog will get you across the finish line much quicker if you have a competitive spirit. [Read more]

Have you ever dreamed of being a surfer, or even just looking like one, but live too far from the beach to hit the water? A unique new workout may soon make your dreams a reality. Though ‘indoor surfing’ may sound oxymoronic , surf fitness classes using a new, surf-simulating machine offer all of the great strength and balance training of surfing without ever getting your feet wet. [Read more]



It is important to take a mental break from your day and head to the gym for an hour, but sometimes that just isn’t an option. This is understandable, but a lack of time in your schedule should not mean that you do not get to work out at all. Your plan for weight loss in Albany depends upon you being consistent with your workout routine. [Read more]

Procrastination may be one of the biggest setbacks for many people when it comes to exercise. People who rely on the thought of exercise to motivate them often find themselves not doing as much physical activity as they originally planned. Rather than putting a lot of thought into it, procrastination can be avoided if you decide to just get up and go work out! [Read more]