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One of the ways to make sure your weight loss surgery is successful is to learn how to control stress eating. Stress eating is basically eating to satisfy emotional needs rather than hunger, and it often results in eating high-calorie foods instead of healthy ones. After all, few people grab a stick of celery for comfort when they’re feeling anxious.

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Do you find yourself reaching for a box of crackers or ice cream when you are experiencing stress? If so, you are not alone. Many of us eat when we experience unpleasant emotions; it is a coping mechanism that makes us feel better. At the center of this mechanism is our body’s response to stress and […]

Identifying your stressors is only part of the package when it comes to dealing with pressure or anxiety in your life. Learning some coping mechanisms is the next step in getting a good grip on stress. There are many different kinds of relaxation techniques out there, and finding the one that works best for you […]

Life itself is often the biggest obstacle people face when trying to lose weight after gastric band surgery. While a diet plan may be predictable and unchanging, life is not and that constant variance is often the cause of lapses in judgment and potential diet failure. A sudden death in the family, a job loss, […]



After your weight loss surgery, you have a meal plan that you follow every day. Just because you have a routine doesn’t mean you can’t make it a little more fun to follow. Use a piece of posterboard and make a colorful chart with everything you need to eat in a day. Don’t forget to […]