Exercising for Mental Rejuvenation

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As you work towards achieving weight loss in Albany, take the time to focus on your mind as well as your body. Just as physical activity is crucial for your body, brain-boosting exercises are essential to your mind and mental health. Here are a few simple tips you can incorporate to achieve overall mind-body wellness.

1. Make the Effort Count. As in, start counting more! Doing math in your head is a type of puzzle, and it’s one that you can do anywhere, anytime. As you are walking through the grocery store picking out foods that are great for your waist line, add up the tally of how much the bill is coming to in your head. In addition to giving your brain a brief workout you can spend so much mental energy counting that you forget to become tempted by the cookie isle!

2. Move into Slow Motion. Exercise routines like yoga or tai chi are great mental workouts that also benefit your body. By taking the time to memorize the slow movements that are used in tai chi you actually help your brain to relax. Tai Chi is a Chinese form of martial arts that uses ballet-like movements. You can find resources for Tai Chi online or at your local library.

3. Become Musical. Learning a new musical instrument is a great way to exercise the parts of your brain that are used for fine motor control. This also exercises your auditory processing skills and your procedural thinking. Music is also relaxing for many people, so it is a great way to challenge yourself without adding stress to your daily routine.

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