Post-Bariatric Diet

Why to Shop at the Farmers’ Market after Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Jun 23 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

Though you can shop anywhere for the foods recommended by your bariatric surgeon, there are some very compelling reasons to buy your groceries at a local farmers’ market. Farmers’ markets are a more convenient shopping option than many people realize. [Read more]


Reading Labels after Bariatric Surgery in Macon

Posted: Mar 27 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

After getting bariatric surgery in Macon, just about every aspect of your diet is going to change. Immediately following your weight loss procedure you will be restricted to a liquid diet, but in time your stomach will heal and your bariatric surgeon will gradually reintroduce you to solid foods. [Read more]


Enjoy Eating after Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Mar 12 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

Even if you’ve been a picky eater for as long as you can remember, you can learn to love your new diet, and this can be a valuable part of keeping yourself motivated to make healthy choices. [Read more]

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Staying Hydrated for Weight Loss

Posted: Feb 18 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

Whether you live in Macon, Atlanta or Albany, your bariatric surgeon has provided you with lifestyle strategies and healthy habits that can boost your efforts to improve your health. These strategies include exercising regularly and eating smaller portion sizes. [Read more]

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Cook Quicker after Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Feb 04 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

Time is something we all feel short on, but it can become especially scarce after having bariatric surgery in Albany or Macon. As you work hard to balance your normal responsibilities with the added challenges of your new healthy habits, you may be wondering where you’ll find the time to get everything done. After all, lack of time may have been something that made it difficult for you to lose weight long before you had bariatric surgery. [Read more]


Beat Emotional Eating to Lose Weight

Posted: Dec 24 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

Sometimes, when our feelings get overwhelming, they can lead us unwittingly to the kitchen to wreck our progress with overeating. It’s a problem called emotional eating that plagues many people as they try to lose weight. [Read more]

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Disaster-Free Dining

Posted: Nov 16 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

Eating out is an inevitable part of most of our lives. Because of this, it’s important to learn how to handle the pressures and temptations of dining out while staying true to your LAP-BAND diet. [Read more]

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Welcome Fall with Delicious Superfoods

Posted: Nov 05 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

After getting a Lap Band, Macon becomes a challenging place to follow a nutritious diet and resist former treats. This is especially true as the fall season settles in. Cinnamon, pumpkin and all sorts of holiday favorites are beginning to line the aisles at grocery stores, and that can be difficult on someone adjusting to a new diet after Lap Band surgery. [Read more]


This Summer, Eat Local

Posted: Jun 25 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

Summertime is nearly here, which means your favorite locally-grown summer foods are cropping up as well. Though modern supermarkets make it possible to find just about anything year-round, eating local is one great way to keep focused on a healthier lifestyle after surgery for weight loss. Here are a few reasons why buying local may be beneficial for your diet and community after LAP-BAND: [Read more]


Lap Band Patients Have to Drink Smart, Too

Posted: Jun 22 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

Drinking beverages that are high in sugar content and calories with little nutritional value will only diminish your rate of weight loss. To stay on track with your weight loss efforts, there are certain beverages you should steer clear of. [Read more]