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Summer Safety Tips for Fitness

Posted: Jul 15 in Lifestyle and Activity by

You don’t have to let the heat keep you from enjoying outdoor workout, but it’s important to keep safety a top priority—especially as the temperatures keep rising. [Read more]


Making Fitness Fit after Weight Loss Surgery

Posted: Jun 13 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Using simple strategies to increase the amount of exercise you get each week can quickly make exercising daily much more manageable. [Read more]


Take Exercise Outside after Bariatric Surgery

Posted: May 14 in Lifestyle and Activity by

In addition to giving you some fresh air and a chance to improve your focus, spending time on outdoor exercise can help you develop new active hobbies and get a taste of the world around you. [Read more]


Sticking to Your Weight Loss Workout Schedule

Posted: Apr 19 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Creating a workout plan is one thing, but following through is entirely another. Though exercise may have been new to you when you first visited a bariatric surgeon in Albany or Macon, it will need to become a regular part of your daily life as you continue to lose weight. This means not only creating a schedule that works well, but making sure you maintain that schedule too. [Read more]


Tips for Brief Stress Relief after Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Apr 08 in Lifestyle and Activity by

To make your stress management strategy as useful as possible, you’ll need to flesh it out with a variety of techniques, including those capable of providing in-the-moment relief. [Read more]


Support Groups: Tackling Bariatric Surgery Together

Posted: Mar 29 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Every support group benefits from the collective experiences of its members—by sharing your journey with others who have faced similar circumstances, you can tackle the challenges you face together, growing stronger and more motivated as a team. [Read more]


Exercise Your Mood after Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Mar 20 in Lifestyle and Activity by

There are many forms of exercise that impact your mind just as much as your body and can help you keep a better overall attitude as you lose weight. [Read more]


Tips to Handle Anxiety as you Lose Weight

Posted: Feb 20 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Learning healthy ways to cope with anxiety will be a great help to you following bariatric surgery. Here are a few tips to consider. [Read more]


Friends and Fitness after Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Feb 20 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Whether you are at the gym, in the pool or on the road going for a long walk or jog, a buddy by your side can provide entertainment, encouragement and even friendly competition to help you on the path to a new healthy lifestyle. [Read more]


Muscle Relaxation: Bust Stress after Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Feb 13 in Lifestyle and Activity by

The concept behind progressive muscle relaxation is simple—you’ll slowly work your way through your muscles from top to bottom, flexing and releasing each in succession. [Read more]