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Exercising After Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Posted: Jun 17 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Exercise is recommended for just about everyone, but there are situations when checking with a doctor before engaging in activity is necessary. People with certain conditions such as heart or kidney disease, diabetes and especially those recovering from surgical weight loss should always consult a physician before taking part in strenuous activities. [Read more]


Loving Yourself after Weight Loss Surgery

Posted: Apr 06 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Finding a positive body image can be a struggle for a lot of us, especially following weight loss surgery. Even though your surgery provided you with an opportunity to lose your excess weight and promote better health, you may still be holding on to the negative thoughts from your past. Struggling with obesity is a difficult barrier to overcome; mentally and physically. It is important that after weight loss surgery, you find a way to love yourself and your new body. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve to reap the benefits. [Read more]


Dealing with Weight Loss Plateaus after Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Feb 13 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Have you been consistently losing weight, but suddenly you can’t seem to make any more progress? Reaching a weight loss plateau is common after bariatric surgery. It’s entirely normal, and no matter how hard you try or how well you follow diet and exercise guidelines, it can happen. [Read more]


Managing Special Occasions after Weight Loss Surgery

Posted: Dec 24 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Every time you turn the corner there is another fast food restaurant or bakery loaded with its own temptations, and you do what you can to stand strong and stick to your post-bariatric diet plan. [Read more]


Healthy Shopping for a Healthy Household

Posted: Dec 21 in Lifestyle and Activity by

When one person in a household gets weight loss surgery, it is actually common for other members of that household to lose weight too. This is called a “halo effect.” [Read more]

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Overcoming Obstacles to Weight Loss

Posted: Oct 23 in Lifestyle and Activity by

After weight loss surgery, try to maintain a positive attitude—especially when you feel like you’ve slipped up in your diet or exercise habits. [Read more]


Building a Weight Loss Community

Posted: Oct 11 in Lifestyle and Activity by

A community is a collection of individuals who share at least one characteristic—often a defining factor that brings them together on certain issues. [Read more]


Emotional Eating and LAP-BAND Surgery

Posted: Sep 10 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Emotional eating occurs when we eat in an attempt to cope with emotions like boredom, stress or sadness. This often leads to overeating and makes us feel worse than before, resulting in a cycle of emotions and eating that can hinder weight loss. [Read more]

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Setting Goals after Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Aug 30 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Setting your own goals can keep you motivated and focused as you travel along the path to long-term weight loss.Your personal goals can be like stepping stones, each one building your confidence as you come closer and closer to your final destination. [Read more]

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Building a Support System

Posted: Aug 21 in Lifestyle and Activity by

After LAP-BAND surgery, you’ll need to change your eating habits, and having a support network of medical professionals, friends, family members and peers can help you stay motivated and experience better results. [Read more]

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