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Determining if Your Weight Loss Goals are Realistic

Posted: Oct 22 in About Weight Loss by

Rules were meant to be broken. Goals, on the other hand, were meant to be achieved. If you set weight loss goals that are too difficult to achieve, you’ll set yourself up for a world of hurt and disappointment. So how do you know if you’re setting realistic goals? Realistic Goals Aren’t Easy-They’re Achievable Goals […]


Why Are Support Groups So Helpful After Lap Band Surgery?

Posted: Aug 12 in About Weight Loss by

Joining a support group can be a great way to help you get through the time following your lap band surgery. Navigating your new lifestyle can be so much easier when you have people to share your¬†concerns with. It can also be a lot of fun to celebrate successes together! You can really¬†benefit from the […]

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Staying with a Plan in Difficult Times

Posted: Jul 20 in About Weight Loss by

Life itself is often the biggest obstacle people face when trying to lose weight after gastric band surgery. While a diet plan may be predictable and unchanging, life is not and that constant variance is often the cause of lapses in judgment and potential diet failure. A sudden death in the family, a job loss, […]

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