Revisionary Surgery with Gastric Band

Revisionary SurgeryWhile the rate of successful weight loss is high overall following most weight loss procedures, there are situations in which people regain weight following an initial attempt at weight loss surgery. Gastric bypass surgery, for example, is associated with moderate chances of weight regain following surgery. In severe cases, a revisionary procedure may be necessary to deliver a second chance for weight loss success.

There are a few reasons people pursue revisionary procedures:

  • For continued weight loss after losing some weight with initial procedure
  • To lose weight again following a period of weight regain

Weight Regain and Weight Loss Surgery

The risk of weight regain serves as a reminder that losing weight is a challenge, even after weight loss surgery. After struggling with obesity for a lifetime, it can prove difficult to maintain the healthy habits that lead to long-term weight loss success. Following surgery, you’ll be required to make a series of healthy changes to your diet and exercise habits if you wish to maintain your weight loss success.

We gain weight for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Lack of physical activity
  • Poor food choices
  • Genetic factors
  • Environment and family habits
  • Return to unhealthy foods
  • Overeating and oversized portions

Following weight loss surgery, life events like the death of a loved one, the loss of a job or even a pregnancy can lead to weight regain, and once you’ve regained weight, losing it requires a great deal of effort.

Those who get Lap Band surgery have an advantage, as the gastric band can be adjusted to allow for increased nutritional requirements, as may be needed to suit a pregnancy, and then can be tightened again to encourage weight loss later on. Unfortunately, this type of long-term adjustment and easy revision is not possible with every form of weight loss surgery.

About Revisionary Procedures

Gastric band revision is among the most successful forms of revisionary procedure options. During this procedure, a gastric band is placed around the pre-formed small stomach pouch created during the initial bypass surgery. From that point, the gastric band functions just like the original Lap Band surgery, with chances for adjustment down the road.

It is important to remember that many people are successful with their weight loss operation and have no need for a revisionary procedure down the road, but there are special circumstances. If and when weight regain does happen, it is best to know that there is a follow-up option available.